K-12 (2019)

VFX Supervisor

I had the opportunity to work once again with the team at Frame 48 on another awesome project. This time as the VFX Supervisor on K-12, a film which shot in Budapest over the course of a month and a half, and then through post-production in Los Angeles.

When the film premiered on YouTube, it was to a live audience that peaked at 183k people! Since the premiere in September, it has racked up over 33 Million views!

To make the project happen, we brought on specialists from around the world to build vegetation, underwater worlds, run simulations, create architectural visualizations - and of course, paint and roto.

We did everything from your usual clean-up to full-cg shots, as well as loads of 2d compositing, for a total of 370+ shots.


Seth Josephson - Post Producer

Jeff Hodges - VFX Supervisor

Julian Conner - Producer

Tom Teller - 3d Lead

Daniel Corona - Lead Compositor

Tanner Merrill - Compositor and Houdini Artist

Ben Jannasch - Matchmove and 3d Generalist

Alvaro Moreira - Lead Houdini Artist